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Carton packaging artifact, automatically generated only when you enter the item size selection box on the phone


According to the "Daily Mail" reported on December 13, a Chinese company recently developed a packaging machine that uses a laser cutting machine to cut out the most suitable Paper Box for the item size, users only need to go to the application platform Enter the item size and select the carton type.

The machine, called Slimbox, cuts the carton into the desired shape according to the user's settings and automatically controls the cutting speed for best results.

The operation principle is very simple. First, the user needs to measure the size of the product, and then input the measurement data and the type of the box into the auxiliary application platform. The application software is applicable to both the iOS system and the Android system. Then, the machine's internal laser cutting machine cuts the cardboard according to the settings. After a few seconds, a perfect box is born.

Slimbox cut Corrugated Box is about 1-5 mm thick and has a maximum length to width of 1-2 m, depending on the size of the cargo. It can cut out a variety of shapes of outer packaging, from machine parts to egg timers, and even to the outline of the sketch.

If the user thinks that the carton is not of sufficient quality to support the transportation process, just press a button and the machine will cut out another carton, which can just wrap the first box without re-entering the data. In addition, Slimbox cuts out the perfect support to prevent cargo from moving through the box during transport.

According to the data, the cost of using Slimbox packaging is only half of the cost of ordinary packaging. From a cost perspective, Slimbox is a smart choice.

Rose, CEO of Slimbox maker FitThings, said that the holiday shopping season is the peak of online shopping, which means that there will be countless boxes in the process. However, the size of these boxes is usually larger than what is actually needed. Not only shipping companies, shopping centers, photocopying centers, and postal points face the same problems every day, finding a box that is truly suitable for the goods is very laborious. In addition, he also said that some people think that Slimbox will reduce the amount of packaging used, on the contrary, it will increase the number of packaging in the future. It is also environmentally friendly while improving the efficiency of its delivery.

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